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If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you’re probably on the hunt for the most durable countertop. A durable countertop is one that you don’t have to worry about—after all, a countertop is a big investment, so there’s no reason you should be replacing it after only a few years.

A durable countertop is a countertop that will last—but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the beauty of something for its functionality. If you want something that’s both gorgeous and hardy, let us introduce you to engineered quartz countertops. These countertops come in all sorts of colorations and designs, and they’re known for how well they hold up against the wear and tear of everyday activity.

Quartz is the countertop you should lean toward if you have a busy family who doesn’t have time to tiptoe around the countertop. Quartz doesn’t require much maintenance, and it even has the ability to mimic the aesthetic of natural stone. In our opinion, there are not many boxes that quartz countertops don’t check.

Just How Durable is Durable?

The reason that engineered quartz is so tough is that it’s man-made. Manufacturers mix up natural ground quartz with polymers and resins to create engineered quartz—and polymers and resins, which are plastic components, seal its pores. They also make it more flexible and thus less likely to crack than natural stone countertops are.

Here are some qualities that quartz has that make its durability stand out from the rest:

It’s extremely scratch resistant.
It never has to be sealed because it is nonporous.
It’s a flexible stone, thanks its resins, so it’s not in danger of cracking.
It’s not likely to stain.

The fact that it’s nonporous is a big part of the draw of quartz countertops. Not only does it not have to be sealed, it’s also much more difficult to stain. If liquids can’t seep into any pores on quartz’s surface, there’s no place for them to make a stain. The same can be said for germs and bacteria. Quartz countertops are very sanitary because there are no pores for bacteria and germs to make a home in.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that resins benefit quartz countertops. But there is one aspect of them that holds quartz back. Because resin is a type of plastic and because plastic doesn’t react well to heat, quartz is not as heat resistant as natural stone countertops. This isn’t to say that it will automatically scorch when you place something hot on its surface, but we do recommend always using a hot pad or a trivet.

More Durable Stones

Quartz is the most durable stone that you’ll find at Wallstone Stone Countertops, but some people just aren’t interested in engineered stone. If you’re big into natural stones, don’t worry; there are durable options out there for you too.

Granite is a natural stone countertop that has fantastic durability. While quartz’s one downfall is that it’s not heat resistant, granite can withstand very high temperatures—thanks to the fact that it’s formed under intense heat and pressure within the earth. Granite, much like quartz, also doesn’t scratch easily—in fact, you’d need another piece of granite or a diamond to do any damage to this stone.

But while quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, granite does. It’s a natural, porous stone, meaning that it needs sealant in order to keep it tough against stains and liquid damage.

And that’s not all when it comes to durable natural stones. You also have marble to consider, as marble is known for its heat resistance and its longevity—as long as you take care of this material correctly, it can last for up to a hundred years in your home.

Choosing Durability

If all-around durability is your focus, we recommend engineered quartz. But if you’re lasered in on heat resistance, choose granite or marble. For further advice on what countertop material best suits your lifestyle, get in touch with Wallstone Stone Countertops today.

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