Located in Lewis Center, Ohio, we are a multifaceted granite, marble and quartz fabrication company serving Columbus, Ohio and the Central Ohio community.

No. You are only charged by the square foot of the material needed to complete your project. Counter top spaces of 25 square feet or less are subject to a slab fee based on price group.
No more than 45 days prior to your scheduled template.
Once your stone and sink are selected, kitchen cabinets are set, if applicable, and your deposit is paid. If working with a contractor, they will give you an estimated template date. If your project entails countertop and not cabinetry installation, we will give you a template date at contract.
We require slab layouts to customers who have an inconsistent stone. Layouts are beneficial if you have a favorite area in the slab that you would like placed in a specific area (of your kitchen). Likewise, layouts are beneficial if there is a spot or area of the slab that you hope to avoid.
Marble and Quartzite can be extremely sensitive. Scratching and staining should be expected. In our low to no maintenance society with expectations of perfection, we do NOT recommend the use of these products in kitchens. However, if you understand the above limitations, accept that the material will scratch and stain, are okay with this and cannot find another option with that striking natural look, then go for it.
WallStone uses a 10-year sealer on all of our countertops and natural stone products. We recommend that our customers check to make sure your countertop is still sealed every couple of years. To do this, select a frequently used and cleaned area. Next, drip or spray a few drops of water onto the countertop. Monitor to make sure the drops of water stay beaded on top of the countertop and do NOT penetrate the surface. If the water does penetrate the surface within 15 to 20 minutes, your countertops should be resealed.
Contact us for a price. We will reseal your countertops. We urge customers not to pick up a sealer from the store to do yourself. Store-bought sealers are not a penetrating product like we use and the seal will wear off quicker.

There are many great and safe products on the market. In our home, we use Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Spray or Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap. Dawn dish soap is commonly used by customers. A little soap and water goes a long way in keeping your countertops looking great. Another one of our favorite products is Pledge Multi Surface with disinfectant in the aerosol can.

  1. Be sure to first remove excess debris prior to cleaning the countertop by wiping debris off with your hand, towel, or dampened cloth.
  2. Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning stone countertops. Washcloths and paper towels can be used. However, make sure to not use abrasive cloths or sponges.
  3. DO NOT use acidic chemicals on stone countertops, such as vinegar, lemon, or ammonia. We DO NOT recommend using windex. These will all eat at the countertop finish.

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