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Our Stone Process from the Distributor to Our Shop
From Our Shop to Your Home

Getting new countertops is the best way to turn your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space. At Wallstone Stone Countertops, we can help your countertop visions come to life and use our expertise to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Of course, a new countertop can only come into play after the process of countertop installation, and that’s something that many people find daunting—not knowing what to expect with installation can even put some people off from beginning a project at all. That’s the last thing we want!

We know that the unknown can be scary, so we want to put it all on the table (or countertop) in this article. We’ll explain all that goes into a countertop installation, along with what you can expect on installation day.

We’d like to remind you that countertop installation doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. When you search for “countertops installation near me,” you won’t find any reputable companies guaranteeing an ultra-speedy process. Professionals know that installations take time, and you’ll love the result even more if you sit back and let the pros do what they’re best at.

Keep reading to learn more about countertop installation and all that it entails.

The Consultation

A beautiful countertop replacement can improve your home’s position on the seller’s market and increase the resale value, so you should put plenty of thought into the material that you choose. That sort of thought comes along during the consultation with our team.

Our team will come to your home and measure the space for your new countertop in order to create a plan. During this time, they’ll also work with you to choose the material that works best for you. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and desired maintenance level, they’ll help you conclude which stone to pick.

At Wallstone Stone Countertops, we offer natural and engineered stone selections that include the following:


After you choose a material, we can give you a price estimate for your project.


The next step involves creating a template so your new countertops will fit snugly into place. Our team will measure the space precisely and create a digital template to help them plan out your countertops. With this template, you can also customize the design of your new countertops and avoid the seams that can often be found on prefabricated slabs.


After the template is created, it’s time to cut your unique countertops. This is the last chance you’ll have to change your mind about the material that you’re using—so if you’re unsure, don’t waste time! The plans will be sent to the fabrication team, and they’ll create countertops that include all of your custom designs and amenities.

These amenities might include the following:

– additional electrical outlets
– appliance cutouts
– change of shape
– plumbing

The Installation

It has finally arrived, the day that your countertops will be installed! Your countertops have been fabricated to your exact liking and they’re ready to be placed. Because they’re custom-made, they will have a seamless, beautiful look after they’re installed by our team of skilled technicians.

At Wallstone Stone Countertops, we do it all. We don’t subcontract our work out; it’s all done by the team that we know and trust, which means that you can trust our work too. The countertops you receive will be installed flawlessly, with a high level of craftsmanship and dedication. The installation will go according to your countertops’ plan, and you’ll end up with a result you love.

Moving Countertops

There are some unique cases where it’s impossible for us to move the countertop as a whole. When that happens, we have to cut it, which creates a few minor seams in the slab—but we promise that these will barely be noticeable once the countertop is fully installed.

Installation and Wallstone Stone Countertops

Wallstone Stone Countertops are the best countertop fabricators and installers that you can find in the Columbus area. To get started on your project, get in touch with us today at (614) 348-6541.

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