Granite Countertops​

Granite is a natural stone and we carry tons of beautiful colors!

Below are some of our most popular granite colors. Since granite is a natural stone each slab of granite is different. Not all colors we have are below so please reach out and let us know about your project. Click here to contact us today. We can help find the perfect stone for your project!

Understanding Granite Countertops

For many years, granite has been a top choice for remodelers around the nation. People love it for its versatility—there are many colors and patterns of this stone to choose from—and for its durability.

All about Granite

At Wallstone Stone Countertops, we have a wide variety of granite slabs to choose from. These slabs are known for how durable they are and how they stand the test of time in terms of their lasting quality and timelessness.

The Care and Maintenance of Granite

Every countertop calls for a different type of maintenance, and when it comes to natural stone, granite is one of the easiest to care for. If you keep up on its manageable care, your countertop can last in your home for decades without ever needing to be replaced.

Taking care of granite is pretty straightforward. If you spill something, we recommend cleaning it up right away in order to avoid staining the stone. To do this, use hot water and a sponge. To protect granite’s sealant, you can use a granite cleaner on your countertop from time to time—and to keep your countertop looking its best, you’ll want to keep up on the sealant.

Granite is formed under high temperatures, so it’s used to heat. Unless the heat is very extreme, granite remains heat resistant. But while you might not always need to use hot pads, we do recommend that you use coasters in order to avoid condensation from forming rings on granite’s surface.

The Ups and Downs of Granite

Like everything else, granite has its downsides. The one that sticks out to people is the fact that its price point runs higher than other materials like laminate and tile. But while these materials may be cheaper than granite, their quality shows it, and they don’t last for nearly as long.

Something else that some people don’t love about granite is its irregular colorations and patterns. Since it’s a natural stone, there’s no way to control or predict these things, so if you prefer something that errs on the side of uniformity, granite may not be the best choice for you.

Granite is resistant to scratching, heat, and staining, which makes it one of the best choices for kitchens and bathrooms. You can enjoy its stunning looks without having to worry about damaging it with your everyday activities.

If you’re looking for the perfect granite countertop, contact us at Wallstone Stone Countertops. We can help you find the slab that’s right for you.

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