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Remodeling your kitchen can be daunting. There are many moving parts, and the thought of it coming together as anything less than what you imagined is not only disheartening, but intimidating.

At WallStone Stone Countertops, we can make sure that your final result is everything you dreamed of and more. We can make that happen by providing you with the information you need to get started and keep moving through your project.

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll be presented with during a kitchen remodel is what type of countertop material you’re going to use. There’s a lot out there to choose from—but here at WallStone Stone Countertops, we’ve got three of the best choices for a kitchen. We offer granite, marble, and quartz—and we mean it when we tell you that these three options do not disappoint.

All three options are great, but there’s still a choice to be made. And we’re going to help you make it. When it comes to picking which material works best for your kitchen and your lifestyle, ask yourself these questions:

– Which of the materials catches my eye?
– What material works best with the lifestyle that my family and I live?
– Do I want a countertop that is low maintenance, or would I not mind having one that requires a bit more care?
– What designs do I gravitate to?
– What will the style of my new kitchen be?

Having answers to these questions will help you feel prepared when it comes time to choose the countertop material for your remodel. You want a balance between style, looks, and upkeep for your new kitchen and a material that you can get the most out of for as long as possible.

We are experts on the process of remodeling and what goes into choosing a new countertop material. That’s why we put together this article that includes our three main materials—granite, marble, and quartz—so you can get a better understanding of how they might fit into your kitchen and your life in general.

Keep reading to learn more about the best materials for kitchen countertops.

If you want a stone that is entirely unique and one of a kind, then granite is right up your alley. Since it’s a natural stone, no two slabs are alike. Even if your next-door neighbor has a granite countertop in their kitchen, it won’t be the same as yours. Even if it’s the same color, the patterns are always different.

Granite is the top choice for many people because of how long it lasts and how well it holds up. It’s known for its beauty, its durability, and its timelessness.

It’s a great choice for kitchens because of the way that it’s resistant to heat. While we recommend using potholders and trivets when you can, granite still holds up well against everyday kitchen cookware. And it doesn’t chip or scratch easily either, which provides peace of mind for people whose kitchens are busy places with lots of moving parts.

Marble is a luxurious natural stone that has been around for centuries. It has the ability to brighten up any room and bring a sense of elegance and sophistication that wasn’t there before. Like other natural stones, it also automatically increases the resale value of your home.

The two most popular finishes for marble include a honed finish and a polished finish. If you’re looking for something a bit hardier, then we recommend choosing the honed finish—polished marble can be a bit more sensitive.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in a high-end, classy style, marble should be your go-to choice. It needs to be handled a bit more delicately than other natural stones, but the extra care is worth it for its stunning looks and personality.

Quartz is an engineered stone, meaning that it’s man-made. It contains 95 percent natural quartz and about 5 percent polymers and resins that qualify this stone as nonporous. Because it’s nonporous, it doesn’t need to be sealed, as natural stone countertops do. This makes it a bit lower maintenance, so if you want something that doesn’t take as much thought or planning, then quartz is for you.

This type of countertop is not susceptible to damage stains, liquid, or scratches, which makes it a great choice for families that don’t have time to worry about who’s spilling what on the kitchen countertops.

If you’re hung up on the fact that quartz isn’t a natural stone, don’t worry. Only experts will be able to tell the difference between your quartz countertops and natural stone. It has the ability to mimic the look of almost any other stone countertop—but without the maintenance!

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